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  FGP Revised Code of Fair Disclosure and Conduct

  Resignation letter of Mr.Vimal Kejriwal

  Board of Directors and KMP

  Intimation under Reg 30 outcome of BoardMeeting 27.02.2019

  Intimation of Board meeting to be held on 27.02.2019

  Press Unaudited Financial Results 31.12.2018

  Intimation under Reg 30 outcome of Board Meeting 06.02.2019

  Intimation under Reg 30 Newspaper Publication

  Intimation of Board Meeting to be held on 06.02.2019

  FGP_Regulaton_47(3)Newspaper Notice of Board Meeting

  Notice of Board meeting and closure of trading window_Reg 29_31.10.2018

  FGP Proceedings of AGM 27.09.2018

  FGP AGM Voting Results + Scrutinizers Report 27.09.2018

  Newspaper Publication_AGM Notice_2017-18

  Notice of AGM 2017-18.pdf

  Newspaper Notice of Board Meeting 06.08.2018

  FGP Limited Notice to BSE

  Composition of committees

  Notice Board Meeting 23rd May 2018

  Press Notice of Board Meeting 07.11.2017

  Press Notice Board meeting 07.08.2017

  Press Notice Board meeting 25.05.2017

  Board of Directors and KMP

  BSE Intimation of Resignation of CFO

  BSE Intimation_Submission of Audit Report to SEBI

  Change in Registrar and Share Transfer Agent

  Letter of Appointment of Whole-time Director

  News Paper Notice_AGM 2016-17

  Notice ofchange in KMP

  Re-appointment of Whole-time Director

  Notice of Board Meeting and closure of trading window_Reg 29_07.08.2017

  Notice of Board Meeting and closure of trading window_Reg 29_02.02.2017

  Notice of Board Meeting and closure of trading window_Reg 29_09.11.2016

  Notice of Board Meeting and closure of trading window_Reg 29_02.08.2016

  Notice of Board meeting_07.11.2017

  FGP Voting results and Scrutinizers Report 18.09.2017

  FGP Proceedings of the AGM 18.09.2017

  Notice of AGM 2016-17.pdf

  Intimation of change in registered office of RTA

  Notice of Board Meeting_Regulation 29_16.05.2017

  NewsReg. 44_Voting Results

  FGP_Proceedings of AGM_2016

  News Paper notice_AGM 2015-16

  FGP Limited_Notice_2015-2016

  Nomination & Remuneration Policy

  FGP Limited_Attendance slip and Proxy form_2015-16

  Newspaper_Audited Results_31.03.2016

  Notice of Board Meeting_25.05.2016_Regulation 29

  Regulation 33_Audited Financial Results_31.03.2016

  Archival policy

  Policy on determination of materiality of events

  Regulation 30(5)_Authorisation to KMPs

  Voting Results_AGM 2015

  Attendance slip_2014-15

  Notice of Board Meeting on 9th feb 2016

  Notice of AGM_2015

  Newspaper Notice- AGM 2015

  Familiarization Programme for independent directors

  FGP_Ballot Form

  FGP_Insider Trading Code_2015

  FGP-Independent Director

  Terms and Conditions for appointment of Independent Directors

  Company Profile

  FGP-AGM- Poll Results of Scrutinizer

  FGP- e-voting - Physical Mode - AGM Poll Combined Results from the Wholetime Director of the Company

  FGP-AGM- e-voting & Physical Mode Results of Scrutinizer

  Whistle Blower Policy

  Related Party Transactions Policy

  Code of Conduct